Welcome to AMI Academy 

Increase your confidence as you practice English for social, academic, and work purposes.

In our 8 week program, you will:

  • Improve your communication skills
  • Speak more clearly,
  • Double your reading speed,
  • Write better paragraphs, essays, and work related emails

AMI Academy topics include healthy eating, finances, raising children, cultural adaptation, finding a job and other work related themes.

AMI Academy provides low-cost English classes for CLB 2-6 level students who are motivated to improve their English twice a week or four days a week. Contact us for a fee schedule.

Class Schedule: Afternoon (12:45-3:45pm) or Evening (5:30-8:30pm) classes

2 days per week: Monday & Wednesday – Reading, Conversation, and Listening OR

Tuesday & Thursday – Writing, Conversation, and Grammar

4 days per week: Monday to Thursday – Reading Conversation, Listening, Writing, and Grammar.

Registered students can also attend free presentations led by experts in the areas of Income Tax, Consumer Rights, Health Care Services, Winnipeg Police Services, Workplace Safety, and many other topics. (Presentations are outside of class hours).

Register for AMI Academy by filling out the CONTACT form below or by calling us at 204-944-0133.

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About the Staff

AMI Academy employs high quality, qualified teachers with Canadian standard ESL certification. They have had many years of experience teaching English as a Second Language.

Monica Montalvo

Since 1997, Monica has been teaching English to both children in the school system and adults in social, business, and work environments. She has a Bachelor of Education and four certificates including Teaching English for Business in the Workplace and Teaching English as a Second Language in Canada (TESL Canada). During her career, she has adapted English courses for university students to help them prepare for their careers, designed programs for professionals (English at Work), and has taught home makers and returning-to-college mature students to enter the workforce. She is a welcoming and enthusiastic teacher who looks forward to seeing you in her classroom.

Trevor Pfahl

AMI Academy’s program coordinator, Trevor Pfahl, has taught English as a Second Language (ESL) since 1998. He has taught thousands of students at two universities in Indonesia, the University of Manitoba English Language Centre (CLB 3-6), and Red River College (CLB 7) in Winnipeg. He has a Bachelor’s degree in culture and religious studies, Canadian TESOL certification, and a M.A. in TTESOL (Training ESL Teachers). Since 2015, he has taught and supervised dozens of ESL teachers from Korea, India, Indonesia, Pakistan, and Canada.