Computer classes for beginners

In Level 1 you will learn to:

  • Use the keyboard
  • Send and receive emails
  • Complete online forms
  • Find information online
  • Make video calls to family and friends

In Level 2 you will learn to:

  • Use maps and Navigo to plan a trip
  • Apply for jobs & services online
  • Do online banking & shopping
  • Register your children for school or childcare
  • Translate between English and your language
  • Learn about Internet safety

Additional Course Information

  • 2 LEVELS: Each level is 4-weeks long (3 afternoons/evenings per  week, 2 hours per day)
  • Take home a FREE desktop computer when you complete 1 level!
  • Childminding and interpreters provided
  • For clients with limited English (CLB 1-4)
    and no computer experience


Please bring personal identification and immigration document to: ALTERED MINDS INC (Entry Program) 259 Portage Ave, Unit 400.

Tel: 204-944-0133