Computers for Life


Computer classes for beginners.

In today’s digital age, computer literacy is not just an asset but a necessity. Whether you’re seeking to boost your career, connect with loved ones, access online services, or simply explore the vast universe of knowledge and entertainment the internet provides, our comprehensive computer literacy program is designed to equip you with essential digital skills.

We’ve crafted this program into two levels, each designed to build upon the other, ensuring a smooth and engaging learning experience.

📚 Level 1
  • Keyboard & Mouse Proficiency: Master the primary tools for computer-based tasks.

  • Document Creation: Develop skills to create and format various types of documents.

  • File Management: Organize digital files effectively for easy retrieval and usage.

  • Internet Research: Leverage online tools and search engines for information retrieval.

  • Language Translation: Use digital platforms to translate between English and other languages.

  • Route Planning: Utilize maps and Navigo for accurate trip planning.

  • Email Communication: Master the art of crafting, sending, and managing emails.

  • Internet Safety: Learn how to use the internet safely and protect your data.

  • Computer Setup: Understand how to set up a computer and establish an internet connection.
🎓 Level 2
  • Advanced Document Management: Learn to edit, format, and manage digital documents effectively.

  • Cloud Storage: Utilize internet-based storage for easy access and security.

  • Email Attachments & Links: Master sharing files and website links through email.

  • Nettiquette: Understand and practice respectful and courteous online behavior.

  • Online Job Applications & Services: Learn how to use online platforms for job applications and availing various services.

  • Online Form Completion: Acquire skills to complete various forms and applications online.

  • Video Conferencing: Learn to use popular video conferencing tools like Zoom and Google Meets.

  • Online Shopping & Banking: Get acquainted with e-commerce and online banking for secure transactions.

  • Scam Protection: Learn strategies to recognize and avoid online scams.

Empower yourself through digital literacy.