Entry Program Online (EPO), like Entry Program, provides important information about living in Manitoba, Canada. Participants will learn about four major topics: Employment and Education, Places to Go, Laws, and Health.

The 4-week course is specifically designed for those who cannot attend in person orientation classes at our downtown location.

Also available in FRENCH!

Le Programme d’Orientation Enligne (POE) est la version francaise de EPO. Ce programme est destiné aux nouveaux arrivants francophones qui ne peuvent pas se déplacer jusqu’au centre ville de Winnipeg pour diverses raisons.

La durée du cours est de quatres semaines, couvrant les informations sur la santé, l’emploi, la loi et les lieux.


Permanent residents can attend the Entry Online free of charge.
International Students and Temporary Foreign Workers can attend EPO for a small fee of $75 per course.


Online classes usually begin on the first Monday of the month. Please check the schedule for 2019 and register early to reserve your spot.

Entry Online Course dates for 2019:

January 6th, 2020 – Registration closed
February 3rd, 2020 – Registration closed
March 2nd, 2020 – Registration closed

Entry Online will not be offered in April, due to the IRCC’s decision to stop funding Entry Program.


English or French language – intermediate or advanced level
Computer skills – intermediate or advanced level
Computer or a laptop with access to high speed Internet
Headset with a microphone


Register Online

You can also register:

  • In person – at Manitoba Start, 271 Portage Ave, Winnipeg.
    Please bring the original landing paper or PR card.
  • By mail – fill out the downloadable registration form PDF
    and mail it to us:
    Unit 400, 259 Portage Ave.
    Winnipeg, MB  R3B 2A9

If you have any questions about Entry Program Online, please contact us at 204-944-0133.